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All of our guests deserve to look and feel best. After a grooming treatment your best friends come home feeling pampered and relaxed.

Your pets are bathed with Hydro Surge Bathing System. This process fuses heated water and  shampoo with gentle pressure, which helps our guests to remain calm and relaxed at the same time as they are taking a bath. The jet action removes loose hair and dead skin while providing a relaxing massaging experience to your best friend.

Our professional groomers do more than just keeping your best friend looking good and smelling fresh! We can¬†check your pet’s eyes, ears, coat, and teeth and alert you¬†of possible health concerns.

You pamper yourself, now you can pamper your pet at AMERICAN PET GROOMING.

Please call for an appointment today! (626) 914-6564

American Pet Grooming – 2262 East Route 66 Glendora, CA 91741